Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tire pounding, in force!

The week started off both crazy and nice...

On Sunday I took a trip to Pecos National Historical Park, just outside of Santa Fe. It is a pretty amazing place, site of the Pecos Indians ruins, but also the site of a civil war battle which essentially ended all hope of Confederate conquest of the west. There are incredible views, both of the ruins and the surrounding landscape. What's so crazy about a bunch of ruins? Well, nothing. I had just lowered myself into a kiva, an underground place of worship, when the sky opened up. Phew! I was protected. I waited until the rain stopped and exited the kiva with the intention of walking back to my car and discontinuing the hike, only, when I exited the kiva and was halfway to my car, it started pouring and lightning and hailing on me! Sheesh! I drove in this weather with the hail pinging off the car thinking I would get out of the storm and minute, but I just ran into more crazy/intense lightning storms with sideways bolts of lightning and something called virgas...when you can see the rain falling, but it evaporates and never quite hits the ground. I think that happens in the Sahara a lot too? Crazy. The nice part of the day was later on...I went to a BBQ at the Angel's Nest (an earthship) and finished the weekend with a good meal and great company.

Monday...same old, same old, working up in Arroyo Hondo on an addition to an earthship. I'm getting pretty good at plastering!

Tuesday (today)...we finally pounded a TON of tires (that's me, going at it!). Picture swinging a sledgehammer for 7+ hours in the hot sun. Yes, I am exhausted, but happy. Pounding tires is a lot of work, but when those babies are pounded, they are not going anywhere. We asked tons of questions, saw how an earthship can be laid out, and then got cracking. When the end of the day rolled around, I was ready for a nap...but back to the farm! I shoveled manure, planted some rye, and added bedding for and fed the chickens. A long day, for sure. Now making some kimchi and a cucumber/tomato/onion salad for lunch tomorrow...

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