Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last week in Taos

Haven't updated in a while...spent the weekend being pampered by my wonderful Aunt Barb and Uncle Tom--they fed me nice dinners, took me to Red Rocks, and I even took a couple hot showers (what are they??) I was sad to leave, but I had to finish my LAST WEEK in Taos! Time flies, doesn't it?

On the way to Denver, I stopped in Great Sands National Park, and it is was incredible. There is something wondrous about them; butted up against the Rockies, river flowing past (during spring snow melt and summer monsoon), there are wetlands a mile away fed by an underground river, not to mention there are HUGE sand dunes no where near a beach! In addition, there is a phenomenon that happens few places in the world, where the river looks like it has a pulsating rhythm like waves, only it is not an ocean or lake!

After Great Sands, I drove straight to Denver and went out to dinner. The next incredible thing I saw was Red natural amphitheater made out of geological rock formations that are bright red in an otherwise brown desert-like plain. Seats and a stage were added with work done by the Civilian Conservation Corps, but what an amazing concert venue! Too bad we didn't have tickets to that night's Beatles tribute...
Got back into Taos Sunday night, to the most beautiful sunset. I sure will miss those next week when I leave this place.

Other things I've done this week? Learned about earthships systems so that I can start thinking about my own type of setups. Water filtration for cisterns, greywater, glycol solar thermal heating, etc. The picture I included are some parts for the greywater system. For cisterns I found out they use gigantic salad bowls to catch the water! How funky is that?? Anyway, all is well and I'm looking forward to seeing my brother Kyle out in LA next week! Soon I will be posting on the organization I'm visiting down in Tuscon, DCAT.

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