Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My schedule in Taos

Been here in Taos since Saturday/Sunday and have found myself falling into a more or less routine:
630 wake up in my yurt, with sound of ducks quacking and chickens squawking next door to me...make breakfast, see if Jeff is awake and needs anything done around the farm
8 leave for earthships, pick up the boys on the way (8 interns, 7 boys)
9 arrive on site, start working. Today I got to pound tires and I think the others were a little jealous...We are working on a mostly finished earthship, so there is a chance that is the only tire pounding that will be required during the month long internship. Tomorrow I will be building a bottle wall maybe? Everyday is a little bit different, but I am glad everyday is NOT pounding tires, because I think my body might give up if that were the case (SO tiring and tedious)
1ish break for lunch, listen to stories and guys telling...guy jokes...
430ish finish the day, relax and drink some beers with the boys (or in my case, a gallon of water...) whatever! Walk the plaza, pick up my bike from the bike shop, listen to the guy playing the guitar outside of a coffee shop who is there EVERYDAY, do something silly and totally spontaneous...
730 help Jeff for an hour on the farm
830 make dinner or go out for karaoke, or dancing orrrrr...any number of things!

Looking forward to the weekends...Joe and I have to man the booth at the farmer's market from 9-1pm on Saturday, but after that we are free to explore! Thinking of going to RollerDerby this Saturday, then maybe a leisurely bike ride and swimming in the river on Sunday?

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