Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's not named Big Timber for nuthin'

After leaving my friends Sean and Sarah in Portland, I set out for Big Timber, MT, a podunk town in the middle of a long stretch of the I-90. Why? To reconnect with my earthship friends!

The earthship crew was (is) building a large earthship on the outskirts of Big Timber, so for 3 days I got to hang out with these awesome folks. This time I learned a lot more about the to cover the vegas, add insulation, etc. The first two days were gorgeous and it was a definite treat to work in the sun. The third day however, it was 37 degrees in the morning and windy/rainy. UGH. The weather was terrible, but all the crew on the roof suffered together so the general attitude was pretty positive. Our reward? A mostly finished roof, a doughnut/hot chocolate break, and Monte and Doug (the owners) treating us to Chico Hot Springs at night! I still think earthships use too many materials with high embodied energy (still a lot of cement, and the insulation was polyisocyanurate...if you can't pronounce it, it probably means there is a lengthy production process...). In terms of materials used for the roof...the amount doesn't differ from other buildings, and I think for the most part it is very necessary to use so much material...especially insulation. Your roof is your everything. Nothing else matters if it it is going to be ruined by water infiltration.

I had tons of fun, and it was super hard to leave, but the show must go on, so I'm headed out through South Dakota to Minneapolis...

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