Monday, September 13, 2010

Ancient Giants

After I left San Francisco, I visited my friend Erin in Petaluma for a nice lunch, and then off to the Redwoods! Got there mid day and was so entranced that I simply had to stay and explore. The fog settled in the forest throughout the night, giving it a mystical, magical feeling as I walked through the silent, ancient giants in the early morning. Of course I am terrified of getting mauled by a bear, so imagine this serene place being disturbed by a crazy chatting and whistling and singing girl...ha. It felt absurd...

Pictures of the journey:
1. The tunnel from SF towards Petaluma. Double rainbow...omg.2. The BIG TREE. Yes that's its name, and is in fact rather large.3. The marker at the top is when the redwood forest flooded back in the 60s. Wayyyyy above my car. Luckily, I've converted my car to a submarine (trust me, a great video to watch)!

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