Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Smokey the Bear says a low chance of forest fire...

No need to worry about forest fires, because there has been a steady onset of rain the past two nights. The first night we got all the way past Beckley, West Virginia. The drive through West Virginia is breath-taking...very mountainous, cool clouds, etc. No sight of mountaintop removal, though I suspect they keep the dynamite and the unsightly coal mining production out of the sight of tourists. We certainly don't want the tourists connecting the idea of West Virginia with those terrible coal mining companies! *gasp*

We stayed in a state park almost on the state line between West Virginia and Virginia. There were these hummingbird feeders next to the check-in cabin, and right as we were checking in, there were no less than 10 hummingbirds at the feeders! They reminded me very much of seahorses since they are very awkward looking and seem to be very good at hovering. Something like 20-25 wing beats per minute for medium sized birds??

As we sat down to eat our dinner (thank you, Phil's mom!) the sky opened up. We took the food to the car and had our first official road trip dinner awkwardly munching and chatting over an open map. Our plans were to tackle the Great Smokys and then head towards Chattanooga for my first few meetings with folks there...

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