Saturday, July 3, 2010


To clarify, in looking at organizations and businesses, I am looking at the following categories (plus a few more if I have time):

Organizational Structure: Who is in charge? How is it legally set up (nonprofit, business, through gov't, etc)? Are there checks and balances to avoid power struggles? Is the day to day functioning organized or totally haphazard?

Resource Capacity: How are they funded? Do they have several funders? Who is working on fundraising? Do they have the potential to generate their own income and cover overhead costs? Are they expanding, shrinking, staying the same?

Programmatic Capacity: Do they have a variety of programs or focus on one thing? Who is in charge of running the programs? Do they have employees or volunteers spearheading programs? Who is their target audience? Are there programs that maybe they should undertake but do not have the capacity to do so?

Networking Capacity: How are they connected to the larger community? Is their board influential, involved in other things? Do they do outreach beyond their target audience?

Political Capacity: How are they perceived within their community? Do they work well with government officials in the city? Are they in the news often?

The "green" factor: Are they taking steps toward a greener economy?

I will not always comment on every category, just the ones I find most interesting about the organization/business being highlighted. Let me know if you think of additional categories that I should be considering...

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